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Serving people that struggle to learn.

Home work is too hard, time consuming and you can't keep up?

Parents are you questioning your skills?

You need a Autism survival plan for your  family?

We will fix the problem or learn to work around it!

  • We fully assess and know every issue.
  • We create a plan.
  • We can train you and also provide a therapist to help if needed.

 Parent References: 

A mother of a child with PDD writes:   I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate  all you are doing for my son in his growth and development. We are so  impressed with all you have done in such a short period of time... A mother of a child with Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia, NVLD, and PDD writes on line to colleges:   I have a 14 year old son with a variety of diagnoses.  Of course those  names don't really tell you much about him, except perhaps that he is  challenged in many areas.   Norma Jean Campbell first  started working with my son about a year ago.  This was shortly after a  neuropsychiatrist at Children's Hospital, assessed him.  I was thrilled,  at last I had the answers of the "what" he needed.  But I was still  missing the "how" I was going to teach him.   Norma Jean  took all of the documentation, made sense of them, and put them into  action.  She taught my son to read, when I had just about given up hope  that he would ever be able to.   He mastered many new life  skills like; tying his shoes, making his bed, brushing his teeth,  setting the table, ordering food and paying for items on his own.  Norma  Jean went to school meetings as my educational consultant to make sure  that they were providing an appropriate education for him.   The  success my son has made over the past 12 months have been nothing short  of amazing.  His psychiatrist will attest to this fact, as will many  other people in his life.  The greatest change has been in his self  esteem and confidence.  Now that he is having successes rather than  failures, he is a new child.   None of this would have  been possible without Norma Jean's incredible effort, expertise and her  ability to understand my son in ways no one else could.  Words can't  accurately express all that she has done for my son and my family.  I  give Norma Jean Campbell my highest recommendation. 

Intake and Assessments

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Individual assessment
  3. Data and testing analysis
  4. Report and suggestions

You will know how your child learns best, how much they already know, how their education and home environments can be most effective and what can be implemented to help them progress most efficiently.

Program Design

  • Step by step programs 
  • Family consultation

You will have a step by step program specifically designed for your child that can be implements at school and home to provide them exactly what they need.

Full assessment $1125.00

Includes full assessment of child, interviews of parents, review of data, report with suggestions and return appointment to make a plan.

$125.00 future appointments.  


Experience from all perspectives:  I have been the parent, teacher, special education teacher, reading coach , educational trainer, consultant and a special needs student.  

  • As a teacher, I have guided hundreds of students to reach grade level and beyond using specific strategies.
  • As a supervisor, I have researched and designed and delivered data driven training programs for individuals, students, schools and businesses that have dramatically improved reading scores, teaching techniques and staff teamwork and cooperation to thousands across Alaska, Arizona and Washington State. 
  •  As an investigator, I have a unique ability to analyze data and observe and interview individuals to discover how they learn.  My motto is we will fix the problem or learn to work around it.  
  • As a consultant, I work with the entire family and team to find the most successful solutions for the special needs child and provide guidance and education for the family.
  • As a special needs student, I know what it is like to struggle in school and life.  I have learned to work around my disabilities, but I know how it feels everyday 


  • Masters of Education from the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Whitman College in Walla Walla,  WA 
  • Washington State Teaching Certification 
  • Washington State Teacher’s ESL Endorsement, Washington State University  


  •  State Board Member Washington Talking Books for the Blind 
  • Learning Disabilities Association of America 

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